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Quotes: She

Yes, I am a girl! Yes, I wish a fairy tale! And no, I don’t shy away from battlefields!

Quotes: Advantage

Know where to do what… You’ll reach your destination quicker than anticipated!

Quotes: Strong

Be Strong! Be Courageous! Be Smart! Fight till you become what you are meant to be…

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Dark Room

Darkness brings light to the mind But, dark mind brings darkness! In the dark, the mind finds its wisdom And when mind is in the dark, wisdom runs far away! Light finds its way...

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Wine

I love wine, but can’t say the same for life! Like (bitter) wine is good for health so is (bitter) life! Good things come after drinking both! So always ask for more…

Thoughts In Words

Nova Series: Battle between Parents

Nova’s Tales: Series of stories about a school kid who is notorious and troubles everyone around him. This story focuses on a fight between his parents and Messi’s unexpected visit to the Jones for...

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