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Thoughts In Words

Quotes: I Was Mean

You are not mean when you decide to do something for yourself… You are mean when you don’t do anything for yourself!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Age

Don’t let your age define you! Don’t let aging make you act any different! Don’t be scared of growing old! Don’t let people’s comments make you feel bad about your age! Because when you...

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

MERRY Christmas🎄 To all my readers who are my Santa For bringing the gift of appreciation! Thank you for making my #Year2017 rock!!! 😊😊 Quote: Dear Christmas, You brought my childhood to me You...

Quotes: People Say

Quotes: People Say

Don’t think what people has to say What they think keeps on changing And what we think is what matters more!

Quotes: Dreams

Quotes: Dream Cannot Make Me

Don’t rely on your dream to come true, and don’t let the dreams scare you Believe in yourself and work till you achieve what you wish for!

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