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Love Quotes

Quotes: You

My love for you has no boundaries…it understands no limits!


Quotes: A Different Book

Our likes matched and our dislikes matched, our perception towards life didn’t! Our lifestyle matched and our daily routine matched, our thoughts didn’t! Our words matched and our behaviour matched, our feelings didn’t!

Love Story

His Love Play: Your Hair

“Your hair. They are like the waves rushing in everywhere when it flows toward the shore. The burgundy colour feels like the colourful corals playing peekaboo from the surface above,” said Ron to Grace....

Love Story

His Love Play: Take You Out

“Before someone else decides to take you out, I would like to make it difficult for them!” said Ron to Grace. In ‘His Love Play’ — a romance novel.

Love Story

His Love Play: Coffee Person

“I might be a coffee person But I like to start my day with you!” said Grace to Ron. In ‘His Love Play’ — a romance novel.

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