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Quotes: Stranger

Time changes everyone to the point that you don’t connect with them anymore…


Quotes: Broken Heart

You knew you weren’t supposed to like him… You knew you weren’t supposed to daydream about him… You knew you were to stay away from him… …but your heart didn’t know he would never...

Quotes: Affection

Love should not be a SHOW—short-lived and fictional… It should be LIFE—Long-lasting and true!

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Quotes: Pride

Love is forever Will die on you never With pride, we become two But together, we become one!

Love Quotes

Quotes: Love

When I don’t find an answer I ask my mind When it doesn’t know anything I ask my heart When it doesn’t help I know the answer is in love…

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Quotes: I Was Mean

You are not mean when you decide to do something for yourself… You are mean when you don’t do anything for yourself!

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