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Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Flying Bird

Birds flap their wings when breeze fail to keep them aloft… —Trust is good, blind trust with no alertness is dangerous…

Thoughts In Words

Bow & Arrow: Be One at a Time

Not always we realize that we play either of the two important roles in our life. Haven’t we all heard either we can become the hero of a story or the supporting role without...

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Never Let Go

Not always the life we live is the life we want to live… And not always the life we live is the life we live forever! Life will change for good someday, keep patience!

Short Quotes

Story in Short Lines

  “I learnt to be HAPPY from YOU  Now, can YOU teach me how to LIVE without YOU.”      I searched for “ONE THING” YOU searched for “ONE THING” YOU found it but...

Everything Is Possible

Quotes: Everything is Possible

There are many ways one can get inspired. I am sharing with you, what made me believe everything is possible, with a hope that you will find some fundamental truth in it.

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