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Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Flying Bird

Birds flap their wings when breeze fail to keep them aloft… —Trust is good, blind trust with no alertness is dangerous…

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Think

It is you who thinks more than people thinks about it… It is your mind that comes up with gibberish more often than others for you…

Short Quotes

Quotes: Competition

Driving through competition makes you dependent…
Run your own path and reach the destination when you desire!

Quotes: Open Door

Keep your eyes open and never be scared to…walk out that door opened only for you!

Quotes: Goals

Time is now, don’t lose it… Run towards your goal, don’t simply walk!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Society

Let her live…don’t try to mold her as a pretext to sculpt her perfect! Don’t teach her what the society wants, let her teach you what she wants!

Quotes: Strong

Be Strong! Be Courageous! Be Smart! Fight till you become what you are meant to be…

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