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Quotes: Advantage

Know where to do what… You’ll reach your destination quicker than anticipated!

Quotes: Brightest Star

Don’t let people take your shine away… Harsh words and bad behavior are weapons for those who doesn’t deserve your attention…

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Quotes: Dark Room

Darkness brings light to the mind But, dark mind brings darkness! In the dark, the mind finds its wisdom And when mind is in the dark, wisdom runs far away! Light finds its way...

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Quotes: Poison

It protects me from people who are mean to me It protects me from people who uses me for their benefit It protects me from people who takes me for granted.. It protects me...

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Quotes: Rainy Day

Dark days are not always sad… Dark days are not always bad… Happiness lie in dark times too! Like a dark rainy day…brings peace to the mind!

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Quotes: Mistake

A mistake is what everybody is afraid of committing but when they make a mistake why aren’t they afraid of the consequences that will be formed by not accepting it. The more you run...

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Quotes: Never Stop

Never let anything stop you! Be strong in mind, heart, and soul! Define your own path, strategize your race, & run as fast as you can!

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Quotes: Age

Don’t let your age define you! Don’t let aging make you act any different! Don’t be scared of growing old! Don’t let people’s comments make you feel bad about your age! Because when you...

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