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Quotes: She

Yes, I am a girl! Yes, I wish a fairy tale! And no, I don’t shy away from battlefields!

Quotes: Advantage

Know where to do what… You’ll reach your destination quicker than anticipated!

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Quotes: Bitch

Don’t mess with a girl if you don’t want to be messed! 😈 —The angel in her emerges only for her beloved… Quotes: If you think I am a bitch, I don’t want to...


Quotes: Wolf

The world is filled with minds as cunning as a wolf’s… To blend well in this world, I wear what’s needed…A wolf face!

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Quotes: Judgement

Let people judge you… It is what they are best at doing… Remember not to judge yourself based on their judgement!

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Quotes: Flying Bird

Birds flap their wings when breeze fail to keep them aloft… —Trust is good, blind trust with no alertness is dangerous…


Quotes: Talent

“I am talented not because I won it. I am talented because I was able to keep trying!” said the singer with a bad throat on his big day. It is not just your...

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Quotes: Competition

Driving through competition makes you dependent…
Run your own path and reach the destination when you desire!

Quotes: Excuses

Excuses are poison to life…Regrets are the toxic aftermath! Don’t amuse excuses that gives root to regrets…

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