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Quotes: Acceptance (Part I)

No, you don’t accept me if you have to change me first… Yes, you accept me when I change on my own…if you can’t, you know when to leave!

New Year Quotes

Quotes: Next Year

Be wise enough to know that the lost time is never coming back… Do your best with the time in hand!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Carry Forward…

Take with you what you need…not what you want! Not everything from the year is to be taken with you in the next year…be selective!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Here Comes…Christmas

No matter what your religion inclinations are—Christmas fills the heart with joy and hope… Celebrate your hopes come true with this Christmas!

Quotes: Being Happy

Being happy in hard times is a blessing! Not losing yourself in the darkness is a power!

Quotes: To Experiment

Constant should not be your style…changes are a must! Experiment with your life to shape it in the best possible way…

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