Short Stories: Sarah’s First Jealousy!

Short Romantic StoriesShort romantic story about a teenage girl whose passion for dancing makes her meet the true love of her life. Read how Sarah meets Joe in a night club while strip-dancing to her favorite song here. In this part, you will read about Sarah’s first jealousy moment when she sees Joe with a girl in his office and the turmoil she fights to trust on her love. Sarah’s life is a mix of romance & erotica, which will bring you to ecstasy!

“Lying on you has become my new wildest desire.” Sarah moved closer climbing on his chest and kissing his chin.

Her hands moved to his chest and rested. Her lips climbed up towards his right cheek and sucked the skin in. He closed his eyes and let it all come to him. It’s been a month since they had been together. They managed to see each other every day either before or after their work.

She moved her body to create fiction at all the right places while he shifted with discomfort. Over the days, Sarah learnt to make him wait and frustrate him to the extent that he was compelled to let his inner animal out. Her hands moved to his thighs and roamed at the edges avoiding the core. Her assault with her lips continued while her hands played the game of seduction.

“Are you going to the next level?” He chimed. She giggled and denied with a head movement. He made a frustrated sound and grabbed her by the waist. He twisted, and they were upside down in no time. “Enough of your little games, baby.” His lips found hers and they enjoyed the juices of their passion. Her hands rounded him and held him close to her. He was quick in assaulting and frustrating her that she started crying with hunger—all he had to do was suck and lick at the right places.

“Please, Joe.” He accepted her plead and offered what she craved for. No sooner had he started, she reached her climax. He wasn’t far behind and they lied on the bed in a heap of tired bodies. But for them, the night had only started, and this was the first of many.

Next day afternoon, Sarah walked down the streets of her small-town peeping through the shop windows. There wasn’t much to buy, but she enjoyed window-shopping. Her phone rang, and she pulled the handset out.

“Hey yoo!”

“Sarah dear, it’s been ages we haven’t seen you.”

Sarah laughed and replied, “It’s only a month, tiger.” Every dancer, be a man or a woman, at Foxy Hoochies had a code name.

“Whatever. I want to see you now.”

“I can’t. I am sorry.”

“I don’t want your sorry, I want only you. I’ll pay you.”

“Tiger, you know I don’t do it for money anymore.”

“Start doing it, sweetheart. Not only you’ll enjoy but you’ll earn also.”

“I did it for money only to finance myself for my studies. Then I started enjoying so I continued coming there. I don’t have to anymore.”

“Why?” he was loud and arrogant, “You trapped a poor bird, I heard. Didn’t you work smart? A handsome man to fulfill your desire and pay for your expenses.” His laughter vibrated through the phone.

“Don’t you dare talk rubbish about me. We are together because we like each other.”

“How far? Don’t you want different flavors in your life? If you do want this flavor, I am a call away or find me at Foxy Hoochies tonight.” He hung up.

Sarah was disturbed with this call and her thoughts made her uneasy. She was working hard to make her career in medicine. Once her results were out, she would start her studies and earn enough for her living. She had enough savings to fund her studies, and working at a cafe made sure her living expenses were tended. She thought of resuming her work at the bar, but this time she would join as a bartender to keep the touchy customers on the other side of the partition. She liked her friends at Foxy and missed spending time with them. Sounded like a good plan to her because now she didn’t need an extra income for food and entertainment. Bartending job will suffice the expenses she holds. Spending time with Joe ensures she had everything without paying from her pockets.

Without a second thought, she headed towards Joe’s office. Within 20 minutes of walking, she reached his office reception area on the 15th floor of a very popular commercial building.

“Hello.” The receptionist asked me for a minute as she was over a call. She turned and spoke in whispered tone. Looked like she was having a personal conversation. I silently slid from the counter and walked through the open door to the office area. Since I had come once to his office before for lunch, I knew where his cabin was.

I was already feeling better thinking about meeting him in the same cabin they had met a week back and anticipating what will happen next. Last time when they had met, they had done more than just eating lunch.

Her walk to his cabin was pleasant and she smiled to every passer-by.

At a turn, she peeped into the pantry to see Joe holding a girl with his arms. Her first assumption was she is a good friend of his. No sooner, she moved inside the pantry door, the girl moved closer and rested her head on his chest. Sarah was not able to hear the conversation between them. The fear of “something not right” was eating her and she could not stand there staring. While she moved closer, he pushed the girl away and held his hands on her shoulders. I stood watching them with emotions floating in and out.

“You are a jer…” the girl shouted and walked away. Sarah’s mind was in a nonfictional state.

“Are you alright?” She didn’t realize when Joe came next to her. She looked in his eyes and saw concern. For what? Is he concerned that I will stop having a physical relationship with him after knowing he is fu*** another girl.

“I am fine.” He did not look convinced. “I came to see you because I had some time before my shift at the café starts.”

“Let’s go to my cabin and talk.”

“That’s all you want to do?” I half teased him. Why would he want to have more when he already has a new woman in his life? Was he double-timing her? Why was she feeling sad from knowing this? Did he take her as someone who sold her body mindlessly to all, even to him?

Joe closed the cabin door and walked her to the table and cornered her. His hands resting on the table surface and his breath on her face.

“Will you not kiss me?” she whispered. Her fear was very evident. Without asking any question, he kissed her passionately. His right hand went inside her shirt blouse and she squirmed. He never wasted any time in getting skin-to-skin and to give her more pleasure. He knew she was a little ticklish and he purposely did it which made her squirm more. Holding her loosely with his one hand, his free hand pulled the buttons of her shirt free and pulled the shirt’s shoulder down. Sucking and kissing his way down, he opened the hooks of her bra and pushed both behind her. Lifting her up, he put her on the table and pushed her on her back. In no time, he was out of his own clothes and in her. Time flied, and she forgot her disappointment and lived in the moment. He was slow and sensuous, not as he preferred, fast and rough. Once done, they both were silent as they were satisfied and panting.

“Now tell me what bothered you?” he pushed a strand of her hair aside and caressed her face, still lying on her over the table. Most of his weight was leaned on his right elbow while his other hand caressed her face.

“If you want to move on, I can accept it.” Her eyes were pricking, and she hoped she won’t start crying.

“I don’t want to. Why you think I do?”

“I saw it. You with her. You both look good together.” She managed a smile.

“We don’t look great together. And you know I don’t settle for less.” He smiled devilishly. She blushed and said, “Are you sure?”

“Never so sure before. And the girl you saw with me is my agent who I used to date. She has not accepted our break-up and I can’t leave her miserable.” She raised her eyes with question and he added, “So I keep trying to make her understand there will never be anything between us.” She looked frustrated and he corrected himself, “There will never be anything between me and her.”

“You survive.” She smiled innocently.

“I hope you do too now.” She saw the devil smile on his face that clearly indicated that a punishment was due for her distrust. She squinted her eyes to state her displeasure towards his threat. Why shouldn’t she? After all it was just her first jealousy.

Whereas, Joe knew in his heart that she was far into him than she realizes. It wasn’t just a little jealousy, it was a heart-breaking, soul-shattering one. If he had admitted to a serious relationship with her, his angel would have slowly killed herself through doubts. All he wanted for them was to be together while she focused on her studies and achieved her dreams. And he would do everything to make it happen, but discreetly.

With his devil smile back, he leaned forward and took her rosy lips with his desperate one. Their kissing continued till they were tired to wait till the night for some serious lesson for her first jealousy.

END: Before leaving the office, she met that agent and warned her to stay away from him. And finally, it worked!

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