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Quotes: Talent

“I am talented not because I won it. I am talented because I was able to keep trying!” said the singer with a bad throat on his big day. It is not just your...

Love Story

Quotes: Take You Out

“Before someone else decides to take you out, I would like to make it difficult for them!” said Ron to Grace. In ‘His Love Play’ — a romance novel.

Love Story

Quotes: Coffee Person

“I might be a coffee person But I like to start my day with you!” said Grace to Ron. In ‘His Love Play’ — a romance novel.

Love Quotes

Quotes: Happy Smile

“I like to put a smile on your face!” said Ron to Grace. In ‘His Love Play’ — a romance novel.

Short Quotes

Quotes: Competition

Driving through competition makes you dependent…
Run your own path and reach the destination when you desire!

Quotes: Excuses

Excuses are poison to life…Regrets are the toxic aftermath! Don’t amuse excuses that gives root to regrets…

Quotes: Open Door

Keep your eyes open and never be scared to…walk out that door opened only for you!

Quotes: Goals

Time is now, don’t lose it… Run towards your goal, don’t simply walk!

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