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Bow & Arrow: Be One at a Time

Not always we realize that we play either of the two important roles in our life. Haven’t we all heard either we can become the hero of a story or the supporting role without...

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Does it Matter?

DOES IT MATTER WHAT I WEAR? Sad reality: It matters a lot! I believe it matters hugely. Truth says, “You are what you wear”. What you wear makes or breaks your first impression. Have...

Society Myths

Certain Myths that Needs to End!!

You are a child—you can’t talk when elders are talking. You are poor—you don’t know how to earn money. You are uneducated—you won’t ever grow in life. You are a girl—only you do the...

I Live in a COUNTRY..

I Live in a COUNTRY..

A country where beliefs are bigger than people | A country where society demands more from you than your own life | A country where rules are set even before you come to the...

Indian Ads

10 Most Nonsensical Ads in Today’s Time

Harpic: The guy barges into any house and storms straight into the bathroom to clean the toilet. Does he not believe in asking for the permission first to use the bathroom? No one entertains...

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