Book: His Love Play

Rony Wayne & Grace Portman — Time brought them together & their attraction brought them closer…

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Rony Wayne:

Love is non-existent. There is no one in the world who can love and be loved at the same time. My own parents didn’t love each other and forgot to share some love with me. But the good thing is I never look for love, I only look for temporary flings—a way to satisfy my desires.

And this year, being the last year of my college, I want more—sexually satisfying myself along with winning a challenging bet. My dislike for all those women who did wrong to her loved ones propels me to teach a lesson to one girl before I say goodbye to my college life. But the problem is, the one I have to destroy manages to destroy the negative guy in me.

What’s more? I fail to protect myself from falling in love with her.

Will my deception and knowledge of the challenge destroy what I have built with her? Will she forgive me once so I never make another mistake like this again?

I want to be with her because I have finally found my pearl among all the rocks.

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