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Quotes: Stranger

Time changes everyone to the point that you don’t connect with them anymore…


Quotes: Broken Heart

You knew you weren’t supposed to like him… You knew you weren’t supposed to daydream about him… You knew you were to stay away from him… …but your heart didn’t know he would never...


Quotes: Someday

Everyone has their share of these days! Don’t give up if it is not pleasant; embrace it till you reach your paradise!


Quotes: Game

Always have faith in what you love… Be it a game…or life!!!

Thoughtss In Wordss

Quotes: Fight The Wind

Being strongest is necessary… Being adamant is not…sometimes one has to bent to survive! Don’t stay tall in hard times; bend so you don’t break!

World Population Day

World Population Day 2019

On this World Population Day, make a promise to yourself that your affection, love, care and wealth are for a single child. Do your bit in controlling the ever-rising population. Go for the mantra,...

Thoughtss In Wordss

Quotes: Bridge

Don’t just think, do it! If you want to cross a bridge, you need to walk…worst that will happen is you’ll fall off in the water! Same is life — you’ll fall but you...

Life Quotes

Quotes: Age Is The Body Aging

The years you lived should be a proof of living; never a proof of becoming old! Years of living can affect the body; never let it reach the heart! You may not be able...

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