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Quotes: Keyboard

Writers might be identified by their writing skills, but one can also identify them by their writing speed and sound! đŸ˜‰

Love Quotes

Quotes: Love

When I don’t find an answer I ask my mind When it doesn’t know anything I ask my heart When it doesn’t help I...

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Rainy Day

Dark days are not always sad… Dark days are not always bad… Happiness lie in dark times too! Like a dark rainy day…brings peace...

Quotes: Patron

Why is it always about profits? benefits? Because Life is more about business, less about relationships!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Never Let Go

Not always the life we live is the life we want to live… And not always the life we live is the life we...

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Wine

I love wine, but can’t say the same for life! Like (bitter) wine is good for health so is (bitter) life! Good things come...

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: Write

“Writers are recognized not just by their writing but also by their thoughts” Before you write, think!

Thoughts In Words

Quotes: One

“We receive everything just not what was expected!” Life is the same for all… Just the stories differ! Don’t give up, sometimes what we...

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